Handasolo @ Cirque du Soleil: Kooza Biography: Well of course, I love music. DJ-ing has been a hobby during my free time or whenever I feel the need of music in my life. I started in 2004, where I shared my work with local friends as well as the rest of the online world by creating my first "Lyrics of Trance" set. I got inspirations from DJs such as Paul Van Dyk, Sasha, Armin Van Buuren, Gabriel & Dresden, Chris Chambers, Fred Acler, or Generation Trance to name a few. Music is an emotional part of me, so I try to express the feel through my mixes. I like to mix in many trance genres such as vocal trance, progressive trance, deep house, and uplifting club trance. I also enjoy music from Ulrich Schnauss, Hans Zimmer, and Enigma. Although I'm working on new levels such as hip hop R&B's, trance and electronic music is my main purpose of DJ-ing. I hope to one day DJ at parties and clubs near you.

Many people have wonder what is the difference between trance and techno. Don't get them mixed up though. To me, I think of trance as a more emotional and touching music than techno. It is more constructed with melodies that a mind can get attached to for a long time. Techno is pretty much straight-forward with beats, lyrics, and melody. Both are very awesome music to listen to, but as Paul van Dyk said, "You don't listen to trance, you feel it". I've also heard somewhere that "trance is also the real techno". If you are going into electronic music, ask Paul van Dyk. He's the man on this subject--as he mentioned at Trance Energy 2009 interview, a lot of today's trance music is "really cheesy shit" music.

I love Honda and the whole import scene. I enjoy being with people, going to clubs and parties with friends, surfing on the internet, and eating Japanese food. Oh I cannot forget those KDrama and JDrama when I'm really bored...they really teach you things about life!


Q: What is "HANDASOLO"?
A: Long story short, it stands for "Han the one" and is just a DJ name and alias for myself. DJ Handa or HDS for short.

Q: I love your mixes. When will you release another one?
A: I create new ones when I have free time. It is random, but please send me an email and give me suggestions on what type of music you'd like to listen to!