These are many mixes I've made over the years...I'm a beginner DJ at work, if any, excuse me for any flaws between my tracks. If you would like to request something, please feel free to contact me. Don't forget to leave some feedbacks on my mixes...your feedbacks motivate me to keep going! Thanks again for tuning in and listening.

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DJ Handasolo - BreakShizNit

DJ Handasolo - BreakShizNit (57:42 81 MB)

An upbeat breakbeat trance mix composed with various favorite tracks and lots of vocals. This is my first time mixing this type of style...it's quite interesting. I hope all you break and beat fans out there will like this mix!

Track Listing:
  1. DJ Icey - Not a Test (Breakbeats Scratchin') (Handasolo Intro)
  2. DJ Icey - The One
  3. Sylver - Turn The Tide (Breakbeat Remix)
  4. Techno Liquid Child - Diving Faces (DJ Icey Artic Mix)
  5. Sonique - It Feels So Good (Sonique Breakbeat Edit)
  6. DJ Hybrid - I Need You
  7. DJ Prada G - Burned With Desire
  8. Prima Donna - Lucky Star (DJ Verz Remix)
  9. Rollergirl - You Make Me Feel Like Dancin' (Handasolo Breakbeats Cut)
  10. DJ Melodie - This Isn't Love Anymore (Handasolo Rework)
  11. DJ Pheer & DJ Babyboi - Sometimes My Heart
  12. Coldplay - Speed of Sound (DJ Naco Taste It Remix)

DJ Handasolo - Junavi

DJ Handasolo - Junavi (59:20 81 MB)

A very lively trance mix with an emotional upbeat including various favorite melodic tracks of all times. Mostly musical, with a hint of vocals and chorus...this mix is an imagination of the mind.

Track Listing:
  1. Solid Globe - North Pole
  2. Matt Hardwick vs. Smith Pledger - Connected
  3. Jose Amnesia - The Eternal (Nu NRG Remix)
  4. Perasma - Swing 2 Harmony (Deserves An Effort Symphony Dub Mix) (Handasolo Rework)
  5. True Form - Forbidden Colours (Original Mix)
  6. Solar Stone - Seven Cities (Atlantis Mix)
  7. Kamaya Painters - Endless Wave (Original Mix)
  8. Modulation - Spirits (Slusnik Luna Remix)
  9. Darren Tate - Fall From Grace
  10. Adam Dived - Headfirst

DJ Handasolo - Lyrics of Trance 7

DJ Handasolo - Lyrics of Trance 7 (60:41 85 MB)

An upbeat vocal trance mix compiled for the summer listeners. Enjoy an hour of vocal trance!

Track Listing:
  1. Cascada - How Do You Do ExR Reconstruction
  2. DJ Yanny pres. Terraformer - Won't Forget These Days (Voodoo & Serano Summer Remix)
  3. Interactive - Forever Young (Flip & Fill Remix)
  4. Ian Van Dahl - Be Mine
  5. Avalon meets Mythos N DJ Cosmo - Feels Like heaven (Rocco Remix)
  6. Novaspace - Time After Time (Club Mix)
  7. Ascension - Someone (Thrillseekers Remix)
  8. Candee Jay - If I Were You (Pronti & Kalmani Vocal Remix)
  9. 4Strings - Take Me Away Into The Night (Vocal Club Mix)
  10. Sylver - Love Is An Angel (Extended Mix)
  11. DJ's @ Work - Fly With Me (To The Stars)
  12. Debbie Loeb - Faraway (Valentin Mixshow Mix)
  13. DJ R.O.C.K. - Sometimes My Heart (Full Vocal Mix) (Handasolo Rework)

DJ Handasolo - Abercrombie & Fitch

DJ Handasolo - Abercrombie & Fitch (57:36 81 MB)

This mix is based on the March 2006 of the Abercrombie & Fitch store playlist, especially hour 1 and a little of hour 2. Enjoy one hour of A&F lifestyle vocals!!

Track Listing:
  1. Naughty Boy - Phat Beach (I'll Be Ready) (Uniting Nations Remix)
  2. Dreamworld - Movin' Up (Extended Version)
  3. Milky - Just The Way You Are (Almighty Mix)
  4. DJ Sammy - Sunlight (Milky Remix)
  5. Cyndi Lauper feat. Sarah Mclachlan - Time after Time (J and C Mix)
  6. Taras - I Will Love Again (JJ Stockhom Mix)
  7. Hannah-Rose - Dreaming
  8. Lian Ross - Never Gonna Lose (Extended Mix)
  9. Shapeshifters - Incredible (Extended Mix)
  10. Danielle Bollinger - Kiss the Sky (Mike Rizzo Global Club Mix)
  11. Dannii Minogue - You Wont Forget About Me (LMC Club Mix)

DJ Handasolo - In Motion

DJ Handasolo - In Motion (66:55 94 MB)

This is an outstanding upbeat dance set inspired by one of my best DJ in the world, Paul van Dyk!!! Mixed with various electronic trance beats and pounding melodies, this set is for both the easy and hard trance listeners. Play it loud!

Track Listing:
  1. Lawrence Kirby - Funk-A-Fied
  2. Randy Katana - Fancy Fair 2005
  3. MIB (Men In Beats) - Keep Pushin'
  4. Timo Maas - Pictures (Paul van Dyk Remix)
  5. Marcel Woods - Advanced
  6. Simon & Shaker - Make It (Dub Mix)
  7. Marco V - False Light (Extended Mix)
  8. Leeroy - Destino (Vesiga Club Mix)
  9. Underworld - Born Slippy (Paul van Dyk Reconstruction)
  10. Santiago Nino - Believe (Max Graham Mix)
  11. Kuffdam And Plant - Summer Dream (Paul van Dyk Remix)
  12. Oceanlab - Satellite (Alx Oddens Flipside Vocal Mix)
  13. Paul van Dyk feat. Wayne Jackson - The Other Side

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